Brahma kamal (Saussurea obvallata): Care and benefits


Brahma kamal (Saussurea obvallata) of the family Asteraceae is a valuable auspicious medicinal plant of the Himalayan region that is endangered and has significant cultural importance (1). Saussurea obvallata is an endemic herb with a wide range of medicinal uses. It is utilized to treat various disorders such as paralysis, cerebral ischemia, cardiac disorders, wounds, and mental disorders. It also has antiseptic properties and can be used to heal cuts and other injuries. Due to its numerous benefits, the herb has immense cultural significance and has been utilized for centuries in traditional medicine. However, S. obvallata is endangered, and its conservation is critical to ensure the availability of this valuable resource for future generations (2).

Botanical Description (3)

Saussurea obvallata description

Distribution: Alpine meadows of the Himalayas at altitudes between 3700 and 4600 m

Height: 60 cm

Nature: Perennial herb

Stem: Ribbed, erect and hollow. Purple or reddish brown in appearance.

Leaves: basal and cauline;

Inflorescences: with 2 to many discoid capitula, terminal, enclosed by creamy white or pale yellow involucriform bracts.

Florets: Bisexual, bluish purple or violet.

Flowering & Fruiting: July – September.

Medicinal benefits of Brahma kamal (Saussurea obvallata)

The plant has numerous medicinal uses. Its roots can be applied to cuts and wounds. Both the floral buds and roots are used to treat various ailments, including urinary troubles, bone fractures, cough and cold, and digestive problems.

Floral buds are also used to treat boils. The plant is even used as veterinary medicine for haematuria.

In Tawang, the dried powder or paste of the plant is utilized for treating skin diseases. Overall, the plant is a valuable resource for traditional medicine, with a range of applications in both human and animal healthcare (3). Other medicinal properties of Brahma kamal are antioxidant activity, antifungal activity and antibacterial activity (1).

Brahma kamal plant care

Brahma kamal care

1. Sunlight

The plant grows well under continuous indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight may harm the leaves of the plant. They may turn yellow due to sunburn when exposed to direct sunlight.

2. Water

As a succulent plant in nature water or irrigate only when the top soil dries up. too much water is not good for the leaves as they may turn yellow or brown and finally dies due to root rot. Do not spray or water on the plant make sure while watering, pour water only on the soil.

3. Fertilizer

Plants need good phosphorus-rich fertilizer once a month during their blooming period which is between July to September. After blooming avoid giving the plant fertilizer.

4. soil

Well, drained soil with adequate aeration is good for the healthy growth of the plant. Make sure that there is no water logging happens in the pot so choose the pots having 3 -4 holes. Repotting should be done every after two years.

5. Propagation

the fastest method of propagation of Brahma kamal is via leaf cutting.

Brahma kamal care and benefits

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