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Hello, I’m Dr. Asha Jyoti, a passionate plant tissue culture expert and devoted plant enthusiast. I have done my PhD in plant science (Plant biotechnology) and published detailed papers and book chapters in renowned journals. Working and Observing plants in the laboratory and nurturing them from a tissue level has deeply fascinated me, drawing me into their intricate world of growth development and physiology.

Plantsquery is my endeavor—a plant and issues-focused blog dedicated to providing comprehensive, 100% organic solutions to all plant-related problems and offering guidance on their maintenance and care. Established in 2022, its sole mission is to cater to the diverse needs of indoor and outdoor plant enthusiasts. With 14 years of hands-on experience in working with plants, I possess the expertise to pinpoint issues and offer effective strategies to protect and revitalize struggling plants, ensuring they thrive and flourish.

About Author Dr. Asha Jyoti Bharati (Linkedin)

In addition to my academic and professional proficiency in plants and tissue culture, as well as their growth and physiology, I bring over 8 years of technical expertise in SEO and scientific and food blogging. Over the years, I’ve made significant research contributions, authoring 12 papers and 4 chapters in esteemed global journals, and accumulating a research experience spanning more than 12 years. Presently, I provide consultation services to some of India’s leading plant tissue culture labs, assisting in protocol establishment.

The fusion of my academic and technical knowledge fuels my passion for Plantsquery, a blog that not only aligns with my professional endeavors but also resonates with my love for plants. The opportunity to share my expertise with the world and bridge the gap between science and plant enthusiasts inspires me to pursue both my professional and personal aspirations through this platform.

List of Publications 

  1. Bansal, S. Bharati, A. J., and Bansal, Y. K. (2013). Efficient in vitro Regeneration of a Medicinal Plant Harsinghar (Nyctanthes arbor-tristis). Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology, 22(2): 137-142.
  2. Bansal, S., Bharati, A. J., and Bansal, Y. K. (2013) Isolation and identification of flavonoid from in vitro and naturally grown Nyctanthes arbor-tristis (Harsingar) -a medicinally important plant. Research In Plant Biology, 3(6): 17-22.
  3. Bansal, S. Bharati, A. J., and Bansal, Y. K. (2013). In vitro Callogenesis and Phytochemical Screening of Harsingar (Nyctanthes arbor-tristis) a Multipotent Medicinal Tree. International Journal of Pharm Tech Research, 5(4): 1786-1793.
    1. Bharati, A. J. and Bansal Y. K(2013). Elephant creeper (Argyreia nervosa Burm F.): An important hallucinogenic plant with immense medicinal potential. Int Pharmaceutica Scientia3(3): 50-54.
    2. Bharati, A. J. and Bansal Y. K. (2014). In vitro production of flavonoids: a review. World Jour Pharmacy Pharmaceut Sci. 3 (6): 508-533.
    3. Bharati, A. J., and Bansal Y. K. (2014). Phytochemical investigation on nature-grown and in vitro-raised plants of Vriddhadaaruka (Argyreia nervosa)Ancient Science of Life 34(2): 80-84.
    4. Bharati, A. J., and Bansal Y. K. (2015). In vitro propagation and GC-MS study of Argyreia nervosa f.: An endangered ornamental and medicinal plant.
    5. Bharati, A. J. and Bansal Y. K. (2015). In vitro propagation, effect of additives, and profiling of flavonoids in Argyreia nervosa an endangered medicinal plant by HPLC–ESI-Q-TOF MS (Communicated).
    6. Bansal, S. Bharati, A. J., and Bansal, Y. K. (2015). In vitro propagation of Nyctanthes arbor-tristis and profiling of flavonoids by HPLC–ESI-Q-TOF MS (Communicated).
  4. Chapter contributed to Books

    1. Bharati, A. J., Bansal, S., and Bansal, Y. K. (2013). Efficient Multiple Shoot Regeneration in Medicinal Tree Harsinghar (Nyctanthes arbor-tristis). In: Sustainable Biodiversity Conservation in the Landscape (Eds. O.P. Chaubey and R Prakash). pp: 171-177.
    2. Bansal, Y. K. and Bharati, A. J. Selective protocols for in vitro propagation and secondary metabolite production Springer, The Netherlands entitled “Biotechnological strategies for the conservation of medicinal and ornamental climbers”.


      1. Bansal, Y. K. and Bharati, A. J. (2010). In vitro regeneration of Harsinghar (Nyctanthes arbor-tris-tis Linn.)- An important medicinal plant. In: National Seminar on Current Advances in Bioscience: Application in Health, Environment, and Agriculture, Deptt. Of Botany, Hitkarini Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jabalpur. 69, p.
      2. Bharati, A. J., Bansal, Shikha and Bansal, Y. K. (2012). Efficient Multiple Shoot Regeneration in Medicinal Tree Harsinghar (Nyctanthes arbor-tristis Linn.) in vitro. In: National seminar on Strategy for restoration of forest biodiversity of natural forests and plantations at State Forest Research Institute, Jabalpur. 57, p.
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      5. Bharati, A. J. (2013). The effect of cytokinin types and their concentration on in vitro multiplication of Harsinghar (Nyctanthes arbor-tristis Linn.). 28th M.P. Young Scientist Congress by MP Biotechnology Council, Bhopal. 119,p.
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