How to propagate and taking care of Philodendron birkin?


Philodendron birkinĀ belongs to the Philodendron genus of the Araceae family. These are tropical monocots having significant morphological diversity and have a wide geographical distribution in the neotropics (1). Philodendron birkin care is relatively easy as this plant is tropical in its origin. All you need is to give proper light and water when the topsoil drys up. The most important things with the plants are proper airflow around them. I personally observed that when the plants are kept in airy spaces they become happier and grow healthy. This article is about how to propagate Philodendron birkin and its care.

Therefore in order to take good care of the plants, you always need to keep them in a proper happy place whether it is under the sun or indoors. As Philodendron birkin is variegated thus it is important to clean the leaves with a soft cloth regularly.

Philodendron birkin care

Philodendron birkin

As this plant is tropical in origin and is originally epiphytic in nature, therefore, care is very simple for this plant. The plant attends a maximum height of 50-100 cm and is a relatively slow grower.

Light requirement

This plant survives well in indoor conditions. You can keep this plant on your work desk or on corner desks. But make sure that it gets proper bright indirect light. As light is very important for its beautiful variegation of the foliage.

The more good indirect light it gets the more it becomes variegated and gives a good look to your indoor environment.

Water requirement

Water only when the topsoil dries up. Spray occasionally for more bright and healthy leaves.

Soil requirement

Like most indoor plants, Philodendron birkin requires good well-draining soil.


Fertilize regularly mainly during spring and summer to regulate good growth.

Toxicity to pets

The whole Philodendron genus is considered toxic and this plant is well no different therefore it is advisable to keep this plant away from pets and children.

How to propagate Philodendron birkin

This plant is propagated mainly via stem cutting.

Care Philodendron birkin


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