How to grow and take care Andrographis paniculata?


The plant Andrographis paniculate is a traditional Asian medicinal plant belonging to the family Acanthaceae. This plant is herbaceous in nature with a maximum height of nearly half a meter. This plant is commonly known as the king of bitters and is native to India and Southeast Asia. The plant has been used for centuries for its traditional values. Many traditional medicinal practitioners use this plant for stomach aches, inflammation, pyrexia, and intermittent fevers. Various parts of the plant and their traditional uses are as follows (1). well, this topic is about the benefits, and How to grow Andrographis paniculata.

This plant is cultivated in many parts of the World like China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India because of its immense medicinal value. Therefore this herb is extremely beneficial and also easy to grow in the back garden or in pots. The only thing is that this plant needs good sunlight and water.

Andrographeolide a special compound in Andrographis paniculata

What makes Andrographis paniculata so valued medicinally well the answer is Andrographeolide. It is a type of compound that is present in this plant. This type of special compound is known as plant metabolites or secondary metabolites. Therefore, the main type of plant secondary metabolite present in this plant is andrographolide (3).

This compound is a type of terpenoid with 23 carbon atoms and is present mainly in the plant Andrographis. This is the most prominent compound and gives the plant a typical bitter taste. A purified form of this compound is colorless and crystalline in structure.

Health benefits Andrographis paniculata

Andrographis paniculate benefits

1. Helps clean the intestinal worms

The paste of root and stems along with mustard is helpful in cleaning the intestinal worm (4).

Dosage: 2 grams or either dried root or stem with 7 mustard, paste and mixed with milk and given to babies.

2. Analgesic

This herb is used for reducing pain and swelling and also has anti-inflammatory effects.

3. Antibacterial properties

This herb is good in reducing the effects of bacterial infections and diarrhea.

4. Lowers the body temperature

Andrographis paniculate is used as a fever medicine. It helps in lowering the body temperature of both humans and animals.

5. Anti-inflammatory

Andrographolide exhibits potent anti-inflammatory properties and prevents acute lung injury (5).

6. Antithrombotic

The extract from the plant Andrographis paniculata helps in inhibiting thrombin-induced platelet aggregation (6). Andrographolide from the plant inhibited platelet-activating factor (PAF)-induced human blood platelet aggregation (7). Thus, this plant has been reported to inhibit platelet aggregation.

Other medicinal benefits of Andrographis paniculata are acts as a laxative, and sedative and purifying the blood thus recommended to those who are having leprosy, gonorrhea, scabies, boils, and skin eruptions.

How to use the herb Andrographis paniculate 

1. Malaria

Water extract soaked overnight (40-gram dry weight) given twice a day.

2. Eczema

The powdered herb was mixed with oil and applied.

3. For painful pus

10 grams of leaf paste were given internally.

4. Infected wound healing

Herb pasted with turmeric and applied externally.

Side effects of Andrographis paniculate 

Not safe for pregnant women: This herb is not considered safe for the pregnant person as it may risk the chances of abortion.

How to grow Andrographis paniculata

  • The main mode of propagation of this plant is via seeds or stem cutting.
  • Soak the seeds one day before overnight. Then simply spread the seed over the pot and cover them with a single layer of soil (Burry one inch deeper) and water properly.
  • Do not water too much as it may spoil the seed.
  • Healthy seeds start germination within one week.
  • After the plants reach a height of 20 inches approximately, re-pot them again with a mulch layer on the top.
  • Water regularly and keep them under the sunlight.

How to take care Andrographis paniculata

  • The plant Andrographis paniculata is a very resilient plant. It can survive even with a little care.
  • Just make sure that you water regularly the plant.
  • The plant is generally cultivated during the start of the rainy season.
  • Regular pruning of this plant is good for its proper growth.
  • For new regeneration leave the base up to 10-15 cm.
  • The plant Andrographis paniculata is generally resistant to any pests and diseases.

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